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Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven




(As of December 23rd, 2002) Guess what?  You.  Right there.  The one person still reading this (You know who you are, and guess what?  You're Wormtongue, ahahahahahaha).  I've started The Two Tourists.



Ah, the most pointless part of the story. Deep-Voiced Narrator Guy tells a bit about the Tag. The only point of this is to introduce Deep-Voiced Narrator Guy, who is vital to a section taking place in Part Three. You can skip this if you like, but just remember Deep-Voiced Narrator Guy because you'll need to know of him.

Part One: A Shadow of the Now

Phoebe is informed by Big Tall Old Man that she has, in her possession, the One Tag of Power, forged in the waters of Mount Spring by the evil Sauronette. She learns of the history of the Tag and she embarks on a quest to Rivendeli, where hopefully it will be taken care of properly.

Part Two: Striderette

Phoebe and Richelle pick up two extra members to add to their ensemble and avoid the Men In Business Suits With BMW's, the ones completely controlled by Sauronette and searching for the Tag. They journey to Bisbee where they make the acquaintance of Striderette, a mysterious stranger who offers to help them.

Part Three: The Watchtower at Weatherbottom

Striderette leads Phoebe, Richelle, Sara and Brandy from Bisbee to Rivendeli, where unfortunately they meet up with the fear-inspiring TagWraiths and Phoebe has a wound inflicted upon her. In a rush to get her to Rivendeli, a certain Stacy shows up and attempts to take Phoebe to Rivendeli safely.

Part Four: The Council of Angeleena

The whereabouts of the missing Big Tall Old Man are found when he appears in Rivendeli. A council is called to determine what shall happen to the Tag and a fellowship to take the Tag to the land of Bordor is formed.

Part Five: The Mines of Mario

Phoebe and the Fellowship depart from Rivendeli to begin the first stage of the quest. After learning the passage South is being watched, Big Tall Old Man determines the company must journey over the Pass of Carrothras, which proves to be in vain as Biggest Tallest Oldest Man is blocking their path. They head for the Mines of Mario, but are stricken with grief when a most unfortunate event occurs, devastating the company.

Part Six: Mothlorien

After grieving the loss of Big Tall Old Man, Halduh leads the remaining members of the company into Mothlorien, where they meet Nikkers (otherwise known as 'The Lady'). Nikkers warns them of the perils of the journey and shows Phoebe what may await her if the quest should fail.

Part Seven: The Breaking of the Fellowship

Biggest Tallest Oldest Man sends out the terrifying Grotesquely Ugly Creatures to hunt the Fellowship of the Mattress Tag down. However, there is already trouble with the Fellowship, as they find themselves being torn apart by their own means. Someone attempts to steal the Tag from Phoebe, and Phoebe takes flight. Where does she go? Will she be seen again? And most importantly, will she get to the McDonald's on the other side? Meanwhile, the Grotesquely Ugly Creatures reach the Fellowship and also do some tearing apart.

Copyright Phoebe Caprona 2002. If you intend to use any content from this website, e-mail me and ask. I DEMAND CREDIT FOR WHAT I HAVE SO PAINSTAKINGLY SLAVED OVER! Some things taken from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and the movie The Fellowship of the Ring. The mattress tag idea was mine. The four mattress companies (Sealy, Serta, Simmons, Spring Air) are REAL!!!